AAMD – Advanced Answering Machine Detection

AMD technology is an essential part of any call center, interactive voice response (IVR), or call analytics solution. While traditional AMD algorithms make decisions on whether a person or answering machine picked up based entirely on the energy of the audio signal, AAMD integrates extremely accurate beep and ring detectors that significantly improve performance. Incorporating AAMD in your contact center will increase agent productivity by ensuring they only speak to actual customers; importantly, customer experience will also be improved by reducing initial wait times (time to connect to an agent) to less than 1 second.

AAMD uses a mix of rule-based (top-down) and statistical (bottom-up) signal processing and machine learning algorithms that results in highly accurate detection rates that are robust to common audio distortions, background noises, and network artifacts:

  • Algorithms have been trained, tuned, and tested on thousands of real calls
  • Beep Detection accuracy is over 98%
  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD) accuracy is over 95%
  • Optimized for speed to reduce operation costs