About Us

Behavioral Informatix, Inc. was founded in April, 2013 by Matt Black (CEO), Shri Narayanan (Chief Scientist), and Alex Potamianos.  With a combined 50 years of R&D experience in engineering, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience in industry, academic, and entrepreneurial settings, it was formed to bring the team’s pioneering work in the emerging field of Behavioral Signal Processing (BSP) to market. We create and launch ground-breaking technologies that sense, analyze, interpret, and influence human behavior to automatically measure:

  • States such as depression
  • Traits such as empathy
  • Actions such as taking medications

We help uncover previously hidden behavioral information to stakeholders for personalizing experiences and enabling scale-up and cost savings in decision-making:

  • Start with human behavioral data such as voice, speech, text, video
  • Apply learning methods to extract useful information about the human behavior or interaction
  • Complete the human loop by providing actionable knowledge to the stakeholder (customer, decision-maker)

We are developing compelling new products and end-to-end solutions for societally-significant industry applications in Health & Well-being.

We collaborate with the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory at the University of Southern California in human-centered research.  We are looking to connect with organizations that are aligned with our company vision and passion to derive actionable insight from human behavior.